Sunday, January 17, 2010

Avatar and stuff

Cherry and I went to see the movie Avatar this weekend. Prior to deciding to go I had heard various things about this movie such as's racist, anti-military, anti-industry and finally it's anti-Marine.
After 2 hours and forty five minutes I came to this conclusion, over looking the Mother Gaia overtones, it's a futuristic version of Indians versus the Railroad Industry in the old USA. In this version a powerful galaxy grabbing Corporation wants to wipe out a race of humanoids to get the mineral the corporation desires. A rouge member of the Security force takes up with the blue tinted humanoids and helps them overcome the mercenary forces. The only really racist person in the movie was the man in charge of compound security and he was also sexist. My wife on the other hand saw it as a love story. Rouge security agent falls in love with blue hottie from the indigenous tribe. As far as being anti-Marine, the security forces on the base were for all intents and purposes working directly for the galactic mining company so that would make them more like mercenaries even it most of them had been or were in the Marines.
I think everyone should keep in mind that is, after all, just a movie

I finally got my videos from American Gunsmithing(AGI). While the gunsmith in the 1911 video rambles quite a bit, it is a very good tutorial on the 1911 system. After watching this video once I had my Officers model torn down to the bits and pieces. The frame is now coated in DuraCoat French Army Black with a little flattening agent mixed in. I used a new spray gun to do it with after realizing the airbrush just doesn't cut it for this type of project. After I took a trip to the Harbor Freight store I came home with an automotive detail spray gun. It works great for this application. I wish I had done this when I refinished my shotgun. After comparing the Stealth Grey slide to the French Army Black frame I now realize there probably isn't enough contrast. In retrospect I should have went with a darker black. But any way it will still look good with all the other work I'm going to do to it. Pictures will be forthcoming.

Haiti had an earthquake and a whole bunch of folks are dead and even more are now homeless. Reports say that gangs are fighting over what little food there is, the Government is nowhere to be seen, mass graves are being dug by someone and for the most part the Haitian people are standing around waiting on someone to come and help them. It's things like this that make me say everyone needs to have a stockpile of food, water, clothes, medicines and weapons. Change Haiti into Kansas City and change earthquake into tornado swarm or flood or even keep the word earthquake. Not as much standing around waiting on a hand out, but I can see people rioting for lack of food, help and out of frustration. So having all your supplies in a secure location that you can access would surely make sense, right? Right?

Daughter-in-law is back out on the Eisenhower. She will probably be out for 5-9 months. Son leave in May and he will be out for 7-9 months. With all the absences from each other we sure worry about them a lot. They are both good people and have their heads on their shoulders right but still, being apart for a year or more at a time is hard on any marriage. We wish them the best of luck in the years to come.

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