Saturday, January 2, 2010

COLD!, Chick Flick and Barbeque, Guns

Dayumm, it's cold! When I looked at the thermometer at 8:30 this morning the thing indicated a negative 3 degrees! By 4:30 it had squeaked it's way up to a high of 12. Oh, well. Like I say, this is my kind of weather. When I was commuting via my Harley I would ride everyday as long as the temperature stayed above 10 degrees or so. On the other hand, Cherry Pie likes it oven warm. Unless she's having a hot flash.

We went to see a movie today that I suspicioned was a chick flick. Boy was I right. So guys, If you want to take your wife to a movie that she'll love try "It's Complicated". After the movie we went to Arthur Bryants Barbecue. Speaking as a man, that was the best part of the movie.
While we were out I picked up an A/B switch for the cable and DVD boxes. This handy device will allow me to switch to the DVD while loading a disc instead of crawling behind the tv to unplug one cable and plug in another.

I visited the new pawn and gun shop in town on Friday. They had a cool new single barrel shotgun that is chambered for 410 shotshells, has a fairly long barrel, splinter forend and an old style knob pistol grip butt stock. I'll try to get back and lay hands on it and get some more info. It's old school cool.

With my little 1911 officers model down for refinishing, I've been carrying my XD 45 with a 5 inch barrel. With 13 in the mag and 1 in the pipe it's a heavy load. I really think a better holster will help with this behemoth. All I have for it is the tiny little XD Gear holster that comes with it. I really need a good leather concealment holster for everyday carry. Speaking of the refinish job, I did the slide in Stealth Grey Duracoat and will do the frame in French Army Black(which the brown truck delivered Friday) with a matte or flat finish and a set of micarta grips. I'll finish it off with a stainless grip safety and grip screws to go with the take down lever I already installed. I think it's gonna be way kewwl. The coolest thing will be that I'm doing all the work myself.

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