Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Rebels reaction to the SOTU speech.

I'm sitting at the computer so I don't have to look at the One Acting As President while he lies to me some more. Is this a reset? It sounds just like his campaign speeches. So far I've heard him blame Bush II twice for the problems he/we are facing. Come the fuck on! It's been a year! Own your fucking office you imbecile! I really should have had a few drinks before I listened to this crap. Check that. I might have done damage to my TV. Now comes the Democrats to cheer on his bullshit and then the Republicans to meekly repudiate his load of horse hooey. In all honesty most of his speech sounded like a try out for a late night comedy show. I have a headache and I'm angry all over again. &^%&%&$&$^$%^%*&*())(&*%%^$^

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