Friday, January 1, 2010

New years commentary

Happy Freakin' New Year!

Man new years eve sucked. I didn't have any "noisemakers" to bring in the new year with. Usually I shut off the streetlights for several blocks as well as rattle a few windows. Not this year, nope. All out of the the good stuff. Maybe next year.

While I did good and didn't gain any weight over the holidays but I still feel stuffed. Two Thanksgiving dinners and 3 Christmas dinners as well a few dinners out then a birthday dinner and a multiple birthday dinner. Wow! What a lot of eatin'.

Have you noticed the news programs are even worse than usual lately? Fluff and more fluff. Nothing import is covered for any amount of time. I mean Tiger Woods' infidelity issues have been in the news for weeks but most news channels have had limited coverage of the disaster in the Senate also referred to as the health care boondoggle. Speaking of which, the bill has had the abortion issue reinstated but no one, I mean no one has made an issue of the bills portion that allows the Federal Government to fine and imprison you for not having health care. That in itself is enough to warrant an armed insurrection. But no, brush it over, ignore it and bring on the next guest. In regards to the news, I have received emails on three separate occasions, saying the Fox News Network is going to air an expose of Obamas past. Three times nothing took place. I'm starting to think some liberal group is initiating the emails and sitting back and laughing at the Conservatives that are working themselves into a lather over the prospect of some real dirt being dished over the Obama issue.

I'm still working on the stocks for that FIE shotgun. I'm also working on a Glenfield model 60 for my Dad and I'm re coating my 1911 officers model. These are keeping busy for the time. Once again I'd love to be a gunsmith but I will not deal with those boys and girls of the Ay Tee Eff any more. Once is enough for anyone. It's high time this department was disbanded and many of them prosecuted for violating civil rights, perjury, theft, falsifying evidence, extortion, bribery, harassment, assault and murder. Does that sound like a group of law enforcement officers or a bunch of criminals?

The states right issue of really gaining momentum, there are something like 13 state claiming 10Th amendment rights over the gun issue and several State Attorney Generals have filed lawsuits over the health care bill. We really need this movement to keep rolling onward and reclaim the right of the states as guaranteed by the Constitution.

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