Friday, February 19, 2010

The census is coming, the census is coming

It's 2010 and time for the census. The Constitution calls for an enumeration of the people every 10 years. That means a counting of the people. It doesn't mean asking for your race, number of toilets, number of rooms in your house or anything else. It just needs to know how many folks there are in the nation so they can determine political districts and how may Representatives and Senators are needed. So, when that form comes to you it's real easy to complete, just fill in the number of people living at your address and send it back.

Glen Beck..professional asshat

I quit watching Glen Beck when he linked the murderer at the Jewish Center in DC to 911 truthers. I have not watched this moron since. I found today that he continues to prove his complete idiocy when he linked the Tea Party and constitutionalists to the murderer that crashed his plane into the building in Austin TX. What do you think?

Bill O'Reilly...senior asshat

I just started watching Bill again and now I will have to stop watching him forever. First, he thinks that mayors and governors have the right to suspend Constitutional rights during weather events (state of emergency to Bill), is bashing the Oath Keepers because they are urging their members not to abide by unconstitutional laws, and now wants conservatives to lay off his buddy Barack. All of these recent revelations have elevated him to Senior Asshat in my opinion. Once again, what do you think? Fox News is really starting to take a left lean of late. I rarely watch Fox any more and when I do I get crap like this.

House Plan III

We signed on the foreclosed property last night. Now my work really begins. Lots of plumbing, drywall and painting to do in addition to a bathroom rebuild, a kitchen remodel and an HVAC system to install. Bonus! I found out this morning, the roof needs to be repaired over the living room (it's wet and rainy here today). Oh well I really can't bitch about any of this when we bought over 2000 sf for 26 grand. So tomorrow morning, let the games begin.

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