Monday, February 8, 2010

Gun Ban Over Snow?

We have all heard of the massive snow storm to hit the eastern seaboard and SE US. What isn't being disseminated is that when a state of emergency is declared, they can and will do what ever they want, constitutional or not. Look at King, North Carolina, this town has enacted a state of emergency and as part of this declaration have enacted a restriction on alcohol sales and instituted a curfew as well as a ban on firearms and ammunition and the carrying of firearms other than on your own property. While they have relaxed the alcohol and curfew impositions they continue to enforce the gun and ammo ban. Now understand we are talking about a TOWN, not a state. A town has declared a state of emergency and has suspended constitutional rights. No wonder they want a lid on the firearms. The state of emergency was lifted this morning but still, the fact remains that a small town stripped it's citizens of basic rights because of a snow storm. Here's what Judge Napolitano has to say on basic rights, focused n the Second Amendment.

Snow Storm Preparations

We were watching the local news last night and as expected the weather guessers were out in force. One video show some folks on the Kansas side leaving a grocery store where they were "stocking up" for the storm in case they were snowed in. In the minds of these sheeple, stocking up meant a small plastic bag half full of snacks and such. Seriously, you could see through the plastic bags and most of the people were buying snacks to hold them over in the event they were snowed in with the 3 inches that came down. Evidently they don't know what stocking up really means. First, stocking up means you don't need to run to the store before weather hits. Secondly, you don't wait for an emergency to stock up

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