Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jay Nixon, Military Overlord?

Chairman MaoBama has tapped Missouri Governor Nixon to sit on a new board of governors that will oversee military action in the US. If they're talking military action as in police duties or insurrections, that is already covered by the Constitution in a little thing called Posse Comitatus. That means NO troops are to be, as the Colonials said, "quartered" with the citizenry. That means no using Federal troops to police your people. State Militias were OK just not any Federal troops. Whoops, all of our State Militias, i.e. the National Guard have been federalized. Any way, Jay Nixon was the Governor who was fine with the statements made by the Missouri Fusion Centers MIAC Document when they wrongly claimed that home schoolers, gun owners, veterans, and a host of other regular type folks were to be looked at as terrorists. And this asswipe is going to review any military action in the US? I can see him with a bowl of popcorn "reviewing" the military action via a monitor playing video from a Predator drone camera. Any way, read the article here.

It's Better Now But Not?

The One Sitting In The Presidents Chair and his illustrious staff of crooks, creeps and felons made a long winded statement that boiled down to "The economy is getting better but unemployment will get worse". WTF? These amateur politicians continue step on their toes every day while stepping on our toes several times a day, Seriously, they think things are better if if the unemployment remains high for several years? What kind of idiocy is that?

Anticipayation is making me wait...

We are still waiting on the bank that owns the property we are trying to buy, to give us the early closing they asked for. We are now 8 days away from the original closing date. When they asked for an early close, we got busy and started drawing, sketching, planning, shopping, attending classes in preparation for starting the remodel of the house. Well, the bank is putting a damper on our enthusiasm with their slowness to arrive at an "early" closing. Maybe they meant early morning? Or early evening? Who knows. We do have a call in to the realtor who has not called us back yet. After reviewing the photos and drawings I made of the interior, I found a neat little niche in the basement were I can build a gun vault. One wall will enclose the space. Then comes the real bitch, putting a concrete lid on the room. Oh well, hard jobs just make your better. I found another niche where we can set up a nice little den with its own fireplace.

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