Monday, January 20, 2014

A Great Wind

Last night I went down the street to see my mother and step-father. When he and I get together you cannot get away without talking and discussing politics, knives, guns and the Civil War. So while some inane TV show was playing, he and I were talking about knives and this came into my head. I grabbed my new Varsity el cheapo fountain pen and an envelope and jotted this down. I kinda like it, maybe it'll lead to longer prose.

 " A great wind blew across the land and it carried the voice of anger and dissent.
This wind kindled the fires of rebellion and that in turn became the conflagration of revolution.
Men and women across this land dropped their books and tools and implements of peace. Their empty hands were soon filled with the arms of freedom."

It's amazing the way the human mind wanders and can do so many things at the same time. And what brought those words to my fingertips? My anger? My frustration? Or my desire?

We have used these in a failed attempt at freedom

And it seems podiums don't work for shit.

So maybe its time for these.....


Hone your skill, prepare your hides, be ready to take in a sudden short term boarder, just be ready.

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