Monday, January 20, 2014

Russian Troops...American Police?

It's crap like this I keep referring to, foreign troops being trained in the US and being allowed to "police" public events. This is the another chink in the wall of freedom and that wall is falling fast.

"The safety and security of America has been compromised by the very organizations which are supposed to protect American lives. For example, FEMA, our domestic enemy, and the Russian government, our foreign enemy, have signed an agreement which permits Russian soldiers to train on American soil for the first time in American history"

Go to this site and read the entire story, it's enough to make you sick. Our government is selling us out lock, stock and barrel.
If it's not a cop beating you down, it's the government stealing from you, lying to you and delivering you and yours to our enemies.

Really though, get Matt Brackens book called Enemies, Foreign and Domestic, read it and then read that article again.


Stephen said...

Amen, Bro. They should read all Matt's book.

Dean Carder said...

As a matter of act they should read the whole trilogy, Patriots and subsequent episodes and Unintended Consequences to boot. Then make themselves ready!