Saturday, January 4, 2014


This just in....IHOP pancakes SUCK! Jesus be with me! My worst efforts at flapjack making is far better that the pile crap I attempted to eat this morning. I was going to fix a great breakfast for my visiting brother and my mom and stepdad. BUT, brother saw an ad for some crepe stack that he thought look WONDERFUL. Of course the local IHOP did not have it. I ordered the buttermilk pancake stack and could only force myself to eat less that half of it before my taste buds revolted. It tasted like flour and water and was mushy to boot. When I looked at the crowd that was stuffing their face with this shit it occurred to me that if I could get some backing funds I could addict a few generation to my breakfast creations. I make some mean pancakes and many folks have urged me get a restaurant after eating some of my cooking. Oh, well. Mark that joint off my list of places to eat. I quit eating their over 20 years ago and now I remember why.
Due to the weather my brother flight has been put off until Monday so maybe I can make something good for him before he returns to Kalifornia.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on IHOP. You would think with a name like that the pancakes would at least be decent, but NOOO! Total crap. Those frozen Pillsbury pancakes from the grocery store are better than IHOP! Perkins has the best pancakes in the world. Cracker Barrel is fair at best, I might hit the Waffle House tomorrow if we are not snowed in, you done flung a cravin' on me!

Dean Carder said...

I don't know about waffle House pancakes, having never tried them but I can vouch for the waffles...with pecans!