Friday, December 27, 2013

To Much Talk

I tried to watch the morning national news and couldn't. I tried to read the national and world news on the computer and I couldn't. I am so sick of all the talk, talk, talk and not a fucking thing happens. Politicians run amuck, cities fail, retirement plans disappear, cops hand out beat downs regularly, the government (local and national)steals our money, we are imprisoned for speaking out. We suffer losses of our rights every day. And the talking goes on. No one is willing do make the changes this country needs. No one is willing to be the first to say, That's IT! I've had enough! And take the first action to start the revolution. Everyone, you, me, we are all far to complacent with our recliners and big screen TV's. Far to many are satisfied to accept their monthly check and buy another case of beer or another bag of dope. What you don't thing people receiving a government check don't buy dope with it? Wake up. The time is ripe for a separation in this country. The USA can go on living the way it is and the NEW CSA, The New USA, the Redoubt or The New what ever can return to the original constitution and bill of rights and begin a nation of truly free men and women. But someone has to stick their neck out first, be the trigger, the catalyst, the martyr. You, me, who? I think it will take a major action for anything to happen, Like a third term for this clown in office, martial law, gun confiscation or severe restriction.
I urge everyone to read the book "Unintended Consequences" and the Matt Bracken Trilogy as well as James Wesley Rawles "Patriot" series. Not only do they present triggers that seem true to life they offer many fine suggestions for anyone willing to make a change.
 Until the time comes for trigger pulling, stock your larder, your armory, your tool shed, your medical chest and your knowledge.
And one other thing, if you re not going to be a trigger puller, be ready and prepared to support those in need with sudden, deep and immediate shelter. Be ready with information, funds, transportation or first aid.
Quit listening to the talk, talk, talking and make yourself ready.

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