Saturday, January 4, 2014

And The Snow Flies

Snowing, and getting colder. The weather guessers claim -20 to -30 wind chills by Monday. BRRRR!
With the snow comes the strangers on AVT's. I live in a very commercialized area. With each snow comes a fleet of four wheelers from who knows where. I know they do not live in this neighborhood. But they do come and race up and down my street, doing donuts and generally having a good time of themselves. I get tired of it already. Tonight a KCPD cop drove down the street, watched two of the ATV's spinning round and round and then drove off. So much for law enforcement. It makes no sense to me to have an ATV only use it in the city. We do have areas that these units can be ridden in. Some public areas allow them and there are a couple of places that are for dirt bikes and ATV's to rip it up in. But no, these jack offs have to wait for a nice quiet snowy evening to run up and down the streets of Kansas City. My, how times change. Many years ago my ex-brother-in-law was at his moms house and it snowed while he was there. He unloaded the three wheeler from the truck and took it to a local park. Night time, cold, snowing, deserted, he was having fun in the park. that is until Kansas City's finest appeared. Being the way he and I used to be, he flipped the bird and busted out of there. Many cops gave pursuit until finally thinking he had lost them in downtown KC, a bright light and a loud voice came from the sky. The light blinded him and he crashed, the voice told him to stay where he was. Moments later a small fleet of PD cars showed up, arrested him and carted his three wheeler away. Today? They watch and leave.

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