Monday, November 15, 2010

Rejected! Who woulda thought?

Well, I guess the Asian trip didn't work out so well for The Chosen One. The assemblage rejected his speeches, his theories and ideology. Back at home, it seems that his democratic foundation is crumbling. And many Dems are calling for him to not run in 2012. Was this not expected? This guy has been like a falling star, coming from nowhere, shining brightly and dimming quickly. I can only sit back and enjoy the warm after glow, the glow given off by the thousands of bloggers and right wing commentators that struck it right from the first hour of his electoral run. All saying this person had no experience, talent or even the right to be President of the United States. We just saw a tidal wave of anger wash over the latest election. Sweeping out many Democratic incumbents and challengers and delivering a bunch of Conservative and Republican new comers. Now the trick will be to get those newly elected persons to hold true to the Constitution and start getting this country back were it came from, a land of limited government with defined limits to the governments powers. We just have to keep reminding them.

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