Saturday, May 14, 2011


Even though we aren't done with the other house yet we have commenced moving so that we may at least shut off ONE set of utilities and save some bucks. I moved the contents of my armory and decided to make an updated inventory list including make, model, serial number and a general description as well as info on any original parts or accessories. I will later take a picture of all of them and print out a page for each firearm, put that info into a binder and place that in the safe. An electronic version will be loaded onto a thumb drive and stored elsewhere. Turns out this was a good move as I have added, traded or sold several guns since the last list was made. I really need to get the gun room done so I can have a proper place for all my little jewels. Speaking of jewels, I got a new 1911 and it is SMOKIN'! My son got the firearm from SIG through the Navy. The last few cruises he and his wife have made, their squadron commanders cut a deal with SIG to get a pistol and other goodies at a discounted rate. They also laser engrave the squadron logo on the slide. So........ as my boy is a Glock man and I'm a 1911 guy, guess who has the new gun? I'll get a picture of it later and post it so every one can drool over it. Now it just needs a really nice holster maybe with some snake skin or maybe even ray skin. We'll see.

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Trublmkr said...

Quit braggin and post the damn pics!