Friday, August 5, 2011

The Rumble, The Roar, The Tick Tock?

I ride a motorcycle. Some would say I'm a biker. Some have felt my generosity and other have felt my wraith. All I know is when I get on the bike everything is better. No more worries, no headaches, nothin' but the wind in my face. I use a bike for enjoyment, vacations and commuting. I know if I leave at a certain time I will arrive someplace at the same time I would if I had been in a 4 wheel vehicle. If I leave for a run or a trip I don't give a rat's ass what time it is or when I have to be back.
So, I'm perusing the latest J&P catalog today and what do I see but two whole pages of clocks to put on your motorcycle. Fifteen different manufacturers, each with 2-10 specific models. Now what the fuck is up with that? Is there that many people that while riding down the road have a sudden urge to know what time it is? Pretty much everyone I know is connected these days. Connected as in has a cell phone or smart phone. Both of those have a time telling function if you really need to know the time. I ride a really nice Harley. It's got some age on it now and quite few mile too. It's got lotsa chrome on it. I know, chrome don't get ya home. But it sure looks good. I can't for the life of me though, understand why anyone would want a clock on a symbol of a life free of life's usual encumbrances.

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