Thursday, October 13, 2011

The HD Is Up And Runnin'!

FINALLY! My Harley is up and runnin'! I'm going though that ever so dull break-in process right now. The urge to twist the wick is greater every day. But to ensure a good, long life motor I gotta take is easy for the first 500 miles, then I can go a little harder for the next 500 then it it's full on. I can't express how good it is to be back on two wheels. Right now all indications are that it will be a real good engine with a shit load of torque. I believe that next spring I'll make a run to the east coast to see the new grand daughter. Right now though, it's slow and easy. A few more miles every day.
Here's all we did to my ride:

  • Bore cases to accept bigger jugs taking it to 88 inches

  • Install Truett and Osbourne TorqueMonster flywheels connected with S&S shafts

  • Recondition the old rods

  • Balance and true the rotating assembly

  • Take .o45" off the heads resulting in a compression ratio real close to 10:1

  • Install 1.6 inch intake valve

  • Install heavy weight valve springs by Isky

  • Install an Andrews model 59 cam with .560 inch of lift

  • Install an Ultima ignition

Machine work was done by Larson Machine...816-877-1909

Parts from Hyatt's Custom Cycle...816-699-2434

Parts and assembly by KC Cycle Service ...816-591-1731

If you are in the Kansas City region and need work done on your scoot give these folks a call.

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