Monday, June 9, 2014

Fencing Fool

By sheer chance I ended up with a three day respite from work. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to do what ever the fuck I want to do. Or need to do. I made a judgment call and decided to relocate the chain link fence on the south side of my house to the south side of the vacant lot which sits yes, on the South side of the house. Duh! Anyway, I thought all the post were simply driven into the ground but, hell no, they were full on concreted in. I had visions of getting this project done on Sunday and Monday leaving Tuesday all to relaxation and recuperation. After getting a few of the concrete encrusted poles out of the ground I found that I needed to buy several seven footers. Holy CRAP! My employer wants darn hear 20 buck a pop for these things! So, my Step Father and I went shopping the local salvage yards this morning and found five. Five which we bought for the price of one new one.
 Sunday, we got 120 feet of fence taken down and all the poles either removed or cut off and I got all the holes dug in the new location. And let me say digging the holes was a whole nuther story. Rocks, brick, ceramic blocks, roots, steel rods, glass, gravel, basically a hundred years accumulation of detritus that gather under the eaves of a house. Yeah, the property lines are that close in this neighborhood. Many hours and several Vicodin later the holes were done. Today we went wondering the salvage yards. My Step Father was fascinated! He thinks this was the first time he ever wandered a good salvage yard and marveled at all the cool shit folks bring in. Finally back at the lot we got seven poles concreted in before we ran out of concrete, poles of the right size and the rain moved in. So tomorrow I will cough up a few more of my dwindling dollars to reluctantly purchase a few new poles.

This two day project is going to turn into a 3-5 day work out for me. Typical. At least when I'm done it will keep the local trash from using my lot as a public thoroughfare. Maybe. The two board front fence doesn't stop them now so we'll se what a 3 board front fence and a 5 foot high chain link South fence will do. Then, after that is done I will need to relocate the back gate and install a rolling gate to replace the swinging pair there now.
This is Phase One of the security upgrades here at Rebel Central.

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Brian Buckman said...

Maybe...electrify it?

Evil? Maybe.

Set up a digital camera to catch the action and you'd probably make enough off of the Youtube hits to pay for any Civil suits.