Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bloomberg Redux

In the recent undercover firearms purchases made by Bloomberg operatives at an Arizona gun show, a lot has been said by the left and unfortunately some actual firearms owners. But what is not being said by many is, were the operatives citizens of Arizona. According to federal gun laws you must be a citizen of the state the purchase is made in to legally buy a handgun. So if indeed the Bloomberg operatives actually bought a handgun at this gun show then they are guilty of violating federal gun laws. When is a prosecutor going to grab this and run with it? Most likely never and few politicians have the balls to take on gun laws in general and when a tiny bigshot as Bloomberg is involved the odds go even further down. If you or I crossed a state line and bought a handgun and it was in the news as this has been, you or I would very quickly have a visit from those fine boys and girls from the ATF. So, does this lack of response by the USG mean that our government is too timid to take on the City of New York? This whole thing reeks. Were the filmed transactions made by an individual or a Federally regulated dealer? Were the "buyers" citizens of Arizona? Will any one call out Bloomberg over his illegal, out of jurisdiction, violation of federal laws, show boat act? Will Arizona? Maybe. Will the USG? What do you think? If the USG does get involved it will result in another violation of the Second Amendment and another nail in the coffin of freedom.

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