Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Fun Show!

Well I scraped up the 9 bucks for the entry fee(I had a dollar off coupon) and made my way to the Fun Show. The place was f'n packed! The lots were full, the sides of the streets were full, the adjacent fields were full, the median strip was full. I lucked out and found a spot in the median strip straight across from the front door. Once inside, I was confronted with a crowd I haven't seen in years. Making my way up and down the crowded aisles I found gun prices to be higher than I think they should be. I mean a Chinese copy of the M1A for well over a grand? WTF? A Jen-u-wine M1A was selling new for just a tad over 1300, which is still high but in the grand scheme alright, I guess. I have been wanting to start collecting break top revolvers for some time and it seems like those little jewels are coming down a bit. I saw several by different makers ranging from 135 to 265 dollars. Not in the best condition but OK for a start. I just don't have the bucks now as I STILL don't have a job. Even though things are getting better, right? anyway, all I came out the door with was a bag of the obligitory beef jerky. And I think it was spoiled. So much for the Fun Show.

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