Friday, September 27, 2013

Family Ties

Here's how my family rolls, I have historical cousins that rode with...Quantrill. Yep, THAT William Quantrill, one of the original bad boys of terrorism, murder and mayhem back in the 60's. The 1860's that is.
Here's the Wiki on him.

Here's one of his tombstones, this one in the Confederate Cemetery in Higginsville Missouri. This grave contains recovered stolen bones!

His group was responsible for the sacking of Lawrence Kansas and other towns and farms. He copied the tactics of the Native Americans and introduced guerilla warfare to the Civil War or rather the War of Northern Aggression. Two of his disciples are rather well know, Frank and Jesse James.

Here is another write up about this particular devil.

I don't agree with all of Bill's actions but we can learn from his tactics.
 After 5 years of warfare on the Missouri/Kansas border before the actual start of the War, Kansas and Missourians were well versed the fine art of death.
For more information on the interstate warfare that went on during 1854 to 1865 period find a copy of Jay Monaghan's book " Civil War on the Western Border 1854 to 1865". Read this book and see how many names you recognize, men that cut their military teeth on the Missouri/Kansas border war.

Here are some links to the Confederate Cemetery and Memorial in Missouri.

Here is a nice article..
Indecently this is the only state park in Missouri where it is legal to fly the Confederate Flag officially and that only came around a few years ago.

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