Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another Life

Today I write this from my new house and write as a single man with no marital obligations. Bright and early this morning I made an appearance in divorce court. Very quick, entirely too quick for the dissolution of a 30 year union, 15 minutes, a couple of signatures and its over. Well, now that it is over I start my new life. I'm living in a city I said I would never live in, using services I said I would never use and putting prepping and such on the back burner due to lack of space. I'm trying to fit 25 gallons of crap into a 5 gallon bucket here.
   I will work on organizing this chaotic mess, get my finances in order, let my heart heal a little and decide whether I can trust a woman again. So onward and forward. Oh yeah, today I picked up an application for a new job at a hardware store. So maybe there will be changes on that front too!


Stephen said...

Good luck, Dean, and sorry. Been there done that...

Even in a large city the survival arts can been practiced...when you are ready. God bless.

Dean Carder said...

Thanks Stephen! I understand that survival can be practiced in the city. I just don't have the room for the mounds of prepper things I have accumulated. It's all dead piled in a new neighbors garage. I just bought the empy lot next door for a paltry sum. I need to figure a way to build my own garage/shed/building on it. With input from the Codes department of Kansas City of course!