Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kansas City, Kansas City Here I Come

Today I started packing for the next phase in my life. Damn I have a lot of kitchen stuff. That's what got packed today. A little every day and it will be done. Thankfully a lot of my stuff is already in boxes of one kind or another. I also got all my bullets, powder and primers boxed up. For the first time in my life I will be living in a major city. This may be the thing that lets me get ahead spiritually and financially.
In addition to the house, I found that the city has a program where they clean up crappy property and offer it to neighboring people at a dirt cheap rate. This house has a vacant lot next to it that the city owns and after I get my utilities turned on and pass a background check I can buy this 1500 square foot lot for the astounding sum of, wait for it, Seventy Five Dollars! That's right 75 bucks. Big enough I can put in a nice garden and later build a good size shed/garage at the back of the lot. Even though I have always said I would never live in a big city this may be a very good deal. Pictures to come!

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