Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mr. Short Stuff

I have written about this before, but our gun laws are ignorant. They were written simply to keep guns out of the hands of the innocent. My pet peeve is the issue of short barreled shotguns. Well actually my pet peeve is all gun laws but the issue of these shortened shotties is particularly offensive. If a person were to create a short barrel shot gun that person would be liable for a shitload of years in a federal institution. If a shot gun manufacturer takes a shot gun receiver and stamps it pistol and then assembles it with oh, say a 12 inch barrel and a pistol grip, in the eyes of the law it is probably legal. Or a person can get the proper forms filled out, jump through the hoops , pay the tax and build or buy a shorty. Yet today we have the most powerful handguns ever made and a person can carry one of them under their coat with a concealed carry permit. If a law enforcement type checks that person out and they have a .460 Ruger  in a shoulder holster they might question the choice of carry gun but nothing will happen. Put a shot gun of the same physical dimension in a shoulder holster and let the same law enforcement type check you out and you will be thrown to the ground, held under gun point, arrested, questioned till the cows come home and finally imprisoned for 10 years. WTF?  Here are some of those little guys now...

Here's a video of what one of these items can do, turns out they are not simply the short range gun they have always been type cast as.

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