Thursday, August 28, 2014

A New Chapter

Well, after over a year at the Big Orange Box Store, I'm calling it quits. Tired of being the go to guy for everyone, tired of watching department heads stand around, tired of making barely more than the cashiers, some of whom do not know the difference between a pipe and a pipe fitting. Yes I had one ask me that. I'm tired of selling my guns just to get by with life and tired of ignorant customers. Tired of being constantly broke. I mean really broke, I just had to sell the AR to put brakes on my truck.

This new chapter? An industry I have never even considered. An old time friend recommended the job to me and the interview went very well. The position was offered to me on the spot, no waiting, just you got it.

This new gig pays pretty well and gets me off my junk knees that are the worse for wear thanks to the Depot. I have to admit I'm a little nervous about this position. It is entirely dependent on me and my abilities, my gift for gab, my outgoing personality, my rugged charm.

What is it you might inquire. My future endeavor will be selling cars. Yep. A car salesman. For the oldest Chevy dealer in Missouri, Kindred Chevrolet. If I bust my hump and use my extensive contacts, I can make some real good ching. And get back to prepping, getting this old house secured, getting things the way the should be in my eyes. Getting some security in the bank again. And rebuilding my gun collection. This time, no paperwork, none, zip, nada.

Wish me well and if your ever in need of a car..........

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