Sunday, August 17, 2014

Just A Little Knowledge, Please?

After working at Home Depot for over a year now I am truly scared for humanity.
While working in the lumber department I encountered people that had no clue as to why a 2x4 was called a 2x4. Or why any other board was named after their dimension. I can understand not knowing how to do something but not understanding something as simple as that? I then moved to the electric department. WOW! I am shocked that more houses have not burned down due to homeowner electrical work. I have refused to provide knowledge to folks that seemed like they were gearing up to do a job for someone but had no clue as to what the parts were called, how to install them or any knowledge of electricity and to top it off they were wayyyy stoned and a few were really drunk. Yes, I reserve the right to protect my self from a lawsuit because you are a stoned dumbass. I feel as though I have saved countless lives by denying service to some folks, getting some "contractors" fired and imparting knowledge to good honest folks trying make there homes better.
   I then moved to the plumbing department, much less dangerous but evidently controlling water is a genuine mystery for many people.  I have spent many hours explaining, drawing pictures, looking a stupid cell phone pictures and trying to decipher what the fuck some of these morons are talking about. I had one such dumbass ask what a gas valve did. Uh huh, he did. And no he had no idea what a gas valve did. One customer asked how he was supposed to know how many fitting his new self installed gas line would need. Dumbassery even extends to some of my co-workers. I had a cashier who has worked there for many years call for an SKU number for 1/2 inch PVC. I asked was it pipe or fittings? Her answer? What's the difference? Right, what's the difference. A pipe is like a cock, long, hollow and carries liquid of some sort and fittings are like little condoms that fit on the pipe and control the flow of liquid. Sheesh!

All that brings me to my point. If the shit ever hits the fan a whole bunch of people are going to die just cause they cannot figure anything out. Things like how to heat their house when the electricity goes out, how to fix anything so it will continue to function, how to raise a garden, plan for their families defense, harden their house, procure food, heal the sick, dress a deer, run a trot line, build a shelter or any of the myriad things a person should know. Not strictly for a societal break down but just for every day living. Not having the luxuries of electricity, running water, flowing gas will require brains, know how and determination. And I sse a whole bunch of folks that just won't cut it in a disaster. If you cannot figure out how to put a supply line on your sink, how are you going to know how to drill a well?
After more than a year of interacting with the general populace, I am scared for mankind.

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