Thursday, December 18, 2014

File This... Nicholson Files are Crap

As I've mention many time on here, I dabble with making knives and other metal objects and work on guns as a hobby. In these past time I use files. I have always used Nicholson files as this is what is readily available in most hardware stores and various tool outlets. Over the years I have notice that Nicholson file are no longer serviceable. They will not cut gun metal and they will not cut most knife steel. These steels will leave grooves in the file! One ting I have noticed is that Nicholson files are now made in Mexico. I have 10-15 worthless Nicholson files that will be made into knives when I get that segment of my life. It's a pity, in my younger days I could use a Nicholson for many years with proper care. Carding and chalking will go long way to preserving files. Now, you take one from the package and it will make a handful of passes then it's done. Pure crap! I a on the look out for a decent set of files. I have heard that Bahco  makes good files. I do have a few decent ones with blue plastic handles that say Supertainium on them. I got them from a welding supplier but even these are loosing their cutting ability. Does anyone have any suggestions? Leave them in the comment section or even email me. I would only suggest that a person by a Nicholson file if it is New Old Stock. Some that have been sitting on a hardware stores shelves for many years. Do not buy any new ones that say Made In Mexico.

I did find this guy. He has a lot of info an good files.


Richard H said...

That's a shame, another fine reputable America company gone to crap. Well, there's now a niche of quality files to be filled. Hopefully someone will step up. Even the former high quality Swedish hand tools are crap. I wonder if Britain still produces quality although I much rather buy American.

Grey Mobius said...

I understand that Grobet files are very good.
The swiss needle files are what Brownells sell [I believe so anyway]. Some of the older 80's & 90's vintage Nicholsons I have are pretty decent on gun metal - maybe check Fleabay Or local fleamarkets.

Dean Carder said...

Yes it is a shame. I'm looking for a better set before the next firearm resto coming up.