Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chicago Continues With Anti Second Ammendment

After the Supreme Courts recent ruling in McDonald v Chicago case, Chicago wasted no time throwing up roadblocks to the citizens right to keep and bear arms. The city council voted 34-0 to back Daley's plan to limit gun owners to one assembled gun in the house, no shooting ranges in Chi Town, a sharp fee for the carry permit, and requiring the applicant to pass a shooting test. Pass a shooting test with no shooting ranges to practice at? I know Chicago has a smorgasbord of small cities and towns that make up the suburban area and there is probably more than a few ranges to be found in them. But have you ever driven in the Chicago area? The traffic alone is enough to constitute an infringement on gun ownership. Let's see how long it takes for another lawsuit to be file against the Draconian Rulers of Chi Town.

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