Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Been A While

It's been a while since I put anything up here. Longer than I ever wanted to go with out putting something, anything up. What's going on? Life. That's what's going on. I've been working on the repo house we bought, mowing all the grass at 3 houses, and trying to hold my head high after a year and eight months with out any gainful employment. I believe I have well over 200 resumes floating around with the polite rely of "no thanks" from only 3 of them, the rest are mum on the subject of employment. I keep hearing the jobs situation is getting better but have yet to see anything resembling that statement. I have several income producing ideas that I want to implement but they all require an up front injection of cash. So I'll keep working on the house, mowing grass, getting the curent house ready to sell and keep my fingers crossed.


Things I'm working on.

Repo House known from this day forth as Juniper House

Current House known from this day forth as Kimball House

My Harley, the motor needs rebuilt and the tranny needs replaced

A Ranger model 103-2 .22 rifle

My M1A pistol grip stock

2 lawn mowers so I can keep the grass mowed

So even though I don't have a job per se, I do have things to do.


Now for the meat.

I found this over at Drudges place. The Health Care Bill has a slimy little secret added to it, now all small businesses and self employed will be required to submit a 1099 form listing all goods and services they aquire over 600 dollars. This is so the gatekeepers of the healthcare bill, the IRS can tap into a previously unknown resource. These bastards won't be happy until they have taxed every business out of existence.

Are you a menber of an HOA (home owners association)? Keep up on your association dues! I have never liked HOA's and now I like them less over this. Evidently if you fall behind on your dues they have the ability and the desire to foreclose on your home! And they will do it faster than a bank will. So if your are letting the dues slide by to satisfy the mortgage, the HOA assholes will slip up behind you and take your home.

Related to my intro, take a look at this graph. I think it's wrong though. I have been off for 20 months and I know a bunch of folks that have been off way longer than the 25 weeks shown on this graph. In Missouri they have 5 tiers of unemployment. Not any longer, 3, 4, and 5 have been discontinued. There are only 2 tiers until the State can get a federal cash infusion. As a result of this everyone in MO that's on tier two is on their last financial leg until the funds are boosted or they/we can find a job.


Here's something I do very rarely. Post a picture of a woman. But as my header says I'll put anything I want on this site. I was watching Redeye the other morning and this goddess was a guest. Author, Imogen LLoyd Webber. I have a thing about attractive women with accents. Southern, Texan, Austalian...... Not only is Imogen attractive she has the most delightful British accent.

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