Saturday, July 3, 2010

McDonald Response

All us gun owners have surely heard or read of the US Supreme Court ruling in the recent McDonald v Chicago case. In a 5-4 ruling the Court affirmed that the Second amendment has nearly the same treatment as the rest of the rights. So, the Second is just like the First except for all the regulations, permits, fees, bans, lies and a small army of armed enforcers ready to kick your door in at the slightest provocation. Five to four. That means there are four traitorous agents on the Court. They are obviously working against the Constitution so who are the working for?
Chicago has wasted no time getting hard at work after the Supremes decision. This is Chicago's latest interpretation of " shall not infringe". Fees, permits, training, bans and restrictions. Isn't a "restriction" an infringement? Aren't fees infringements? And how do the locals get the required range time when shooting ranges are banned in Chicago? Oh, and you can only keep ONE gun assembled and ready for use in your home. And you garage and porch are not considered part of your home. Can you see the next round of legal challenges coming up?

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