Friday, November 8, 2013

A Little Cutter

A several years ago I made this little knife. Some would call it a patch knife, others a caping knife. I just call it my little knife.
   It's made out of a small piece of a crosscut saw blade, am antler tine from a deer I shot and some nickel silver pins. That steel is quite hard, I spent many hours sanding and polishing that diminutive blade and it still has pits in it. To pin the handle on it I annealed the tang in two spots, drilled the antler, squirted in a little of epoxy and inserted the tang. After the epoxy hardened and locked the tang in position, I drilled the tang and tine as a unit. Then inserted the pins and hammered them to a tight fit. I think it came out looking quite nice. I made the sheath out of an old leather purse my ex was going to through away. I stitched it with some artificial sinew.
Here's the little knife now...

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