Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's Coming

With the runway debt of this nation, the illegal alien in the White House, the massive purging of the leadership in the military and the looming collapse of the economy how can this country not break out in a civil war?  As the linked article says the sides are forming up.

"What is going on today in America is all about choosing sides. There are clear lines being formed in the United States. The recruiting pool consists of the Department of Homeland Security, the American military, local law enforcement, the Russian troops pouring into the United States, the trickle of Chinese troops coming into the country through Hawaii and, of course, the poor, the middle class and elite. This is the recruiting pool which will form the chess pieces of the coming American Civil War." Read more here.

Me? At this point I'm on my own side and that of similar minded folks. I have no crew and most folks I know, like me are bearing health issue that will cost many thousands of dollars to repair. I still have some basic preps in place but still need to beef up on many other items to survive in the event of a collapse. I have a solid little house, with a vacant lot attached that will support a very large garden if needed. I will begin amending the sandy soil for that purpose. Unfortunately I am in Kansas City proper. In the East bottoms exactly, located in a heavy commercial area, surrounded by rail roads and neighbors who are mostly low income with no idea of prepping or survival. I do have a back door neighbor that I am cultivating. An ex-marine that is very handy, is familiar with the neighbor hood, and has his compound wired for video via 10 cameras. He too has a large collection of bangsticks. But he has some children in their teens who seem to have no purpose other than fighting with each other. We'll see how this relationship develops. Eventually I will have my property surrounded with a tall chain link fence. The body shop down the street does have a Ferret though. Hmm. Maybe I need to speak with him.
Any way, the point is this, we are heading into strange waters. Water that will carry us over a precipitous fall that end in a pool of guerilla warfare, class warfare, anarchy, and governmental abuses of the common man.
 Brace for it, be ready for it and prepare yourself to do things your never dreamed of doing. Just to survive.


PioneerPreppy said...

The link isn't working to the rest of the article for me anyway.

Dean Carder said...

Sorry about that. The link is fixed now. Thanks for the heads up!