Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I was flipping through the channels tonight and saw that NatGeo's show Doomsday Preppers was on. I went ahead and clicked the remote and got a revelation and a  surprise. Tonight's Prepper Idiot was a man and his friends who are not really preppers but call themselves marauders. Tyler and his friends stated that in the event of a calamity they intend to raid actual preppers. This guy is a total asshat. He carries about 150 extra pounds of blubber and about 25 pounds of shit in head. Here's an idea, since he announced his intention to raid preppers in his area, why don't the preppers in his AO make a punitive strike and punish those that have every intention of stealing from them and committing violence upon them. I have said it before, you have to be a little off to put your preps and plans on TV. This just proves my point. This guy fabbed up some home made body armor out of bath tile, fiberglass matte, duct tape, roofing tar and some scrap metal. Claiming it would protect him from rifle fire. He then proceeded to test it by being shot with a 12 gauge that was obviously firing a light load of something as there was very little impact to him after being shot from a distance of about 3 feet. At that range the shot would still be in the cup and he would have been struck with, oh say, an ounce and a quarter of lead traveling at a decent velocity. Let's see him try that test with a .308 at 50 yards or even a hundred. Hmm, how about it tough guy?

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Anonymous said...

I also made the mistake of wasting 30 min last night watching that chubby POS talk about how he was going to steal from people, about how people "...with their ARs and fancy .308's and 50000 rounds of ammunition" will ultimately fall to him. That D-bag couldn't waddle up my driveway much less take my preps. I would not be surprised (and honestly would LMAO) if somebody out there went preemptive on him. I found it really hilarious that he was practicing giving his wife a C-section. Maybe we'll get lucky and perform one of his "pro-ceeed-yures" on himself.