Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Belle has arrived

A  few days ago I allude to a shipment I was waiting on. I gave a few clues and got no takers. So, introducing, Belle, a Cold Steel Natchez Bowie. This is the model with the SK-5 steel composition which is a high carbon steel. Over 17 inches in length and very heavy it is balanced and feels light in your hand. In your hand it feel like a monster though, long, huge and dangerous looking. This massive blade not only has a wicked harp edge it has a sharpened clip edge for delivering those back slashes. My only complaint is the sheath. The SK-5 model is shipped with what Cold Steel calls secure-x and I call plastic. It allows the blade to rattle in the sheath and causes rub marks on the blade. If your get the San Mai 3 VG1 blade which is a laminated steel, you get a really nice leather scabbard with a brass knob to secure it in place when thrust through your belt or sash. No belt loop is include. I will be looking for one of those sheaths or designing one of my own. So without any more rambling, I present Belle.