Thursday, April 3, 2014

Grandads Knife

Here is my latest project, my Grandpa Carder's Old Timer pocket knife. He carried this little stockman for many years. Unfortunately, he didn't take care of this tool. When I got it from my father it was rusted, corroded, it had no snap and was hard to open. Now, it's quite a bit better. The rust is gone, corrosion is under control and the snap is back. Now comes the tedious work, polishing the pits on the blades away.
   The nickel silver has come out good and the scales are in nice shape too. I have the back springs and brass liners cleaned up and polished. When done it will look like no other Old Timer, with high polished blades and fittings.

The snap took a while to achieve due to the rust and crud in the pivots and between the springs. A lot of oil and elbow grease managed to take care of this issue. It's starting to look pretty good, considering what is was a week a go. So Stephen, I know you have a thing for Old Timers, what do ya think about this little guy?

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