Friday, December 2, 2011

Day Four

Here we are, four days from the start of the fast. Do I feel hungry? No. Am I continuing? No. Could I continue? Yes. I feel good. I'm not hungry at all. The only thing I have noticed is I'm cold. That in it self is very strange as I always run HOT. I sweat all the time. I'm usually comfortable with temperatures in the 20's. Yesterday I was outside putting the snow plow on the yard tractor. With the temperature right at 50 and the wind blowing about 20 mph I took a chill. Very strange for that to happen to me. I mean I am the guy that used to ride my Harley 11 months a year as long as there was no snow or ice. I have ridden when the temperature was 15 degrees. Sure I dressed for it but I was comfortable. So, today I start eating again and judging from the silence of my stomach I won't be eating much.

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Stephen said...

As you know, food = heat. Stay well, my friend.