Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Week End

Yesterday Cherry and I travelled to the Big City to celebrate and early Christmas dinner with my mother as we will not be around during the actual Christmas season. We had a good time and ate lotsa tasty food. We made it back home with plenty of time to relax with an adult beverage. My drink lately has been Wild Turkey. Mmm, mmm good.
Today Computer Tech Friend and his girl friend(woman friend?) were in town for the weekend and came over for breakfast . I made breakfast for all of us, pancakes and bacon,then we had some good conversation with the friends we haven't seen for a while . CTF worked on the new unit and took the old laptop and the desktop with him. While he was working and looking at the computers I took his pocket knife, cleaned and adjusted it and then gave it a razor sharp edge. His lady friend was amazed that I did all the cooking and cleaning around here. She gave CTF several sharp looks when this was discussed. Any how, we all had a good time and after the first of the year we will go to his house about 160 miles away for another visit and pick up the repaired(hopefully) and updated machines. I polished a few more small parts for the 94 later and I think for the rest of the day very little will be done except for maybe a little Turkey hunting, if you catch my drift.

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