Sunday, December 18, 2011

Model 94 Update

Still no pictures. Cherry has not uploaded the camera program to the new computer. She's worried that adding ANTHING will slow the new one to the speed of the old one.
Here we go. I have all the internal bits polished on their wear spots. The barrel and magazine tube is polished. I stripped and sanded the buttstock and fore end. The wood is smoothly blended into the metal. Smoothly hell, some of it looks like it grew out of the wood . I took the wood to 600 grit and finished with 0000 steel wool with 3 dewhiskerings thrown in. Any way things were looking towards blueing and staining. Until.....I decided that the factory finish on the receiver would not match the blue going on everything else. So... I started to sand the blue off and found the receiver is dished in the center on both sides. Time to break out the files again. I have one side filed and sanded to 600 grit and it needs to go to 800 or 1000 grit. I wanted to have everything ready for blueing and finishing before we leave for Virginia. I don't know if will happen. I may have to finish the receiver when we get back.

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Ruth said...

Depending on camera and your skills you may not need extra software to get the pictures. When you plug it into your computer does your computer automatically recognize it (it'll probly ask if you want to install software, tell it no)? If so then you can go into the camera's memory via Windows explorer and put the pictures on your computer that way. (its hard to be more specific without knowing both your computer and camera)