Sunday, December 4, 2011

Model 94 Project

I got tired of watching the boob tube yesterday so I went to my improvised work bench( we are in the process of rehabbing this house and I don't have an actual work area yet) and dived into the Model 94 project I took on. I got the rifle taken down to bits and pieces and did a lot of filing to remove the pitting on the magazine tube and a little on the barrel. When I took the forend wood off I found a lot more rust and pitting there so I ended up filing the entire magazine tube. Then I did the patches on the barrel and filed the whole thing to bring it back to a smooth contour.All in all I probable took a tablespoon of filings off the gun. As I don't have a buffing machine I do my polishing the old fashioned way. By hand. With various grades of sand paper and a lot of elbow grease. So now the real work starts. Pics will follow as soon as I can get the old laptop repaired. Pictures have been taken but Cherry doesn't want to install the camera program into the new laptop. Computer Tech Buddy is coming to town next week and says he'll fix the old laptop then and take the tower of the desk top computer with him.


Stephen said...

Once upon a time I hand polished a handgun for six months...never again.

Dean Carder said...

It just takes the recognition to finish the gun in the way it should be. On this one I'll take the barrel and magazine tube to no more than a 400 grit which is far better than the factory finish. I would never want to try and relicate the finish of an early Smith or even what is on the receiver of this gun. By the way this receiver will just get an overcoat of Oxpho Blue to cover the small wear places such as edges and carry points. None of the wear is bad.