Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fasting Notes

Day One
Drank alot of water and other liquids today. I did feel pretty hungry in the morning and in the evening.
Day Two
Once again I drank alot of liquids. I was not really hungry except in the evening. Drinking water does get old real quick. In order to keep myself supplied with vitamins and minerals during this fast I made a couple of different drinks. One is just stirring a peach flavored drink mix that came with our first shipment from Shelf Reliance. Man is it tasty! It has several minerals in it and unlike I posted earlier it does have sugar, 28 mg per 8oz serving. The other drink I made twice today was to put 1 cup of chicken broth in a pan and add 1 teaspoon of Dr. Jensens Vegetable Seasoning. It has a ton of nutrients in it. It is really good. I don't know or really care if that is not included in a fast. it;s liquid and has nutrients is all I care about at this time. I gave Cherry Pie a drink of it and she want me to make add noodles and some other stuff late on. With all the liquids and the diuretic I take I have a path beat to the toilet. I bet I have pissed 20 times today. Oh, I weighed. I started the Thanksgiving season at 275. Tonight I weigh 266.
Day 3
Do I continue for another day? I feel good, not very hungry. I realise now that eating takes up a lot of my day. Not eating leaves a lot of day available to me. I told Cherry Pie that I would eat dinner with her. Maybe not. She wanted to go get something for our Daughter-In-Law tonight and then go to Five Brothers Hamburgers for dinner. I told I really didn't want to come off a fast at a greasy burger place. This morning I realised that fasting also prepares you for a time when you might HAVE to go with out food for a while. I know of a man here in town that fasted for 30 days with no health issues from that. In all reality today will probably be my last day. Three days at 3,000 or more calories a day is a loss of 6,000 calories from my usual diet. With my intake of vitamins and nutrients I should not have any health issue as my mother the RN is telling me I WILL have.

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