Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some New Stuff,

It seems winter is reminding us it's on the way. Temps are getting into the low 20's and highs barely make it to 50. I know, it's still nice, but it is a reminder.
A friend of ours has a store called Healthy Life Choices and recently she expanded the services offered and took in some nice folks to provide these services. So, Cherry and I have been having foot detox therapy. Very interesting. You would not believe the crap that comes out of your feet during this ionized water foot bath. Actually it's pretty disgusting yet still interesting. Now I have known this woman for several years and she has claimed my wife as her daughter. We trust her. We welcome her into our family, I have absolute belief that she is NOT pulling some sort of scam on us. Yet I have a friend that has known her for much longer than we have and he is sure that it's a scam of some sort. all because some time ago he saw a report on the TV (of course) that said treatments of this kind are scams. So he throws all he knows about his "friend" and calls bullshit over this treatment. I don't feel any different after this experience but after seeing all the crud that was extracted from my feet I don't think it's doing me any harm and in the end may actually be doing me some good.
And speaking of doing me some good. All my life I have struggle with my weight. when I was younger I could run and do all kinds of stuff that helped to keep my weight in check. Now after all the sports, exercises, surgeries, running and all the miles I have walked while hunting and all the stuff I have done for years while working as a laborer have taken their toll and I can can no longer do any of that. One completely junk knee and one slightly marginal knee. And no insurance any more. The junk one has so much bone loss that my pelvis is tilted and that in turn has my left hip slightly displaced and also puts a V shape into my lower spine causing a disc to bulge. So with all that weight control is really an issue. The lighter I am the less stress on my knees and maybe even my blood pressure will go down a little. I have cut my eating down drastically but that is just maintaining my weight just south of the 300 mark. In years past I have fasted for spiritual reasons and general health. So in light of all above I started a fast yesterday. This morning I feel good and I am, surprisingly, not hungry. I drink ionized water sometime with a natural fruit mix with vitamins and minerals and NO sugar. I also make a broth out of a vegetable seasoning powder that has tons of good stuff in it. So we'll see how this works out for the next day or two.

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