Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bad Child, baad!

Ok, I've got the sheet rock hung and the chimney re-gooped. We'll see what happens with the next rain.

This morning I signed up for another gun give away. Maybe one day I'll get that magic email. I don't have high hopes for that though. The last time I actually won anything I was in preschool. I used to watch this local kiddy show on TV in the mornings. They had a contest and my good mother signed me up for it. I won! The prize was a giant cardboard tootsie roll filled with little tootsie rolls and other candies as well as .......a battery operated boat. I was happily gorging on candy and playing with my boat in the bathtub when my little rat bastard brother came in and sank the boat. It no workee no more. Mad as hell. That was the last time I won anything. My brother broke that particular thread in my life. Thanks bro. One day maybe I'll forgive him for that. HAHHAHA! We're both well over the age of forty and that has been forgiven for a long time.
We lived in the country at that time, off of Route O in Ray county. My folks got us a dog, a Border Collie. The folks told me they were used to herd sheep so I named him Baba since sheep make that sound. I loved Baba and Baba loved me. I was, shall we say, a very active little boy. I remember doing something that I wasn't supposed to do and mom came outside to whip me for it. As soon as she touched me, that dog o'mine growled, bared his teeth and advanced on mom. Mom retreated to the house and I laid there with that dog just smiling. I learned a very valuable lesson that day. After that mom had to get real creative on how she lured me into the house for any whippin's I had coming. And I had a lot coming. And by a lot I mean a whole bunch of 'em.

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