Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Water, The Tractor and The Dad

Today I went and did some shopping for some basics and then off to Healthy Life Choices for a few gallons of Kangen water. If you have not heard of the benefits of Kangen water, ask around. I have seen several locals that had cancer. After changing their diet and drinking Kangen water they defeated their cancer. One lady had stage 3 breast cancer. She did the diet change and started using Kangen water, one year later she is cancer free. Her doctor is amazed. So, at our house all we drink, well mostly as I still like some bourbon now and again, is Kangen water.

I got to try out the new to me lawn tractor today. Yesterday, I installed the mower deck and charged the battery overnight. Today I mowed up all the leaves. I was very impressed with my new tractor. It's a Cub cadet 2185. In a couple days I'll take the mower off and put the snow blade on as most of the leaves have fallen and the grass ain't growin' no more this year.

Dad's birthday is this week and I'm going to do something special for him but, as he is reader I can't let the cat out of the bag.

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