Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Saints Evening and The Holy Grail

Well, we survived another All Saints Night or Halloween. The new neighborhood has 6 kids residing here or rather, 6 kids get on the bus in front of my house each morning. 'Course, I was at a meeting and Cherry Pie was at her mothers tending her and attending a family meeting. So with us gone and the dog in the front yard we have no idea of how many trick or treaters even walked by.

I've been going once a month to listen to a knowledgeable man speak about alternative health care. The first meeting I attended was about a new product hitting the market called Product B. This is a blend of natural ingredients that stimulates your body to produce more of it's own stem cells. If you have been paying attention to the health news for the last several years, stem cells have been the Holy Grail of the medical industry. This product is based on the research the two woman did and received a Nobel Prize for. Right now there are 31 ingredients in this pill. As their research continues there may be more ingredient added to it. The stories of it's efficacy are astounding. Cherry and I are going to sign up to be dealers and I am going to be the guinea pig for all the folks I know.

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