Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Cut Above

As we all know, times are getting very difficult for many of us. Prices are up for nearly every thing we need to continue our very survival. I can handle most of these increases but some seem way out of line. Things like the announced Jiff peanut butter increase of 60 percent. Or even the little things like razors.
The razor issue is what has been setting me off lately. I have a Gillette that uses 3 blade cartridges. It does give a nice shave. The problem is when I go to buy new cartridges. 3 or 4 packs are 12-25 dollars. That's right. A large chunk of money for razor refills.
I friend and I were discussing this and I commented that I was going to start using an old style safety razor. He said he had just started and got his razor and blades at Walgreens. So, off I go. Walgreens just had a reset. They no longer carry the safety razors. They have the blades but not the actual razor body. I went to Wally World, no luck but I did meet another guy tht was angry at the cartidge price and he too was looking to go old school in the shaving department. We went to Kansas City to a larger Walgreens, no luck there either. At these large drug store I saw shaving brushes, shaving soaps, stypic pencils, bump stoppers but not a razor to be found. I'm looking, I'm thinking, the wheels are turning, the gears are grinding. We made it home later that evening and off I went to dig through my fairly large collection of knives. AH AH! I found it, an antique straight razor. Wow, and it's still sharp too. I then watched online videos of people using a weapon such as this to shave their face the "manly way". In the end I'm ordering a strop and some strop treatment. If I can get pictures to load on this laptop I'll show the equipment. So, wish my face some luck.


Stephen said...

Try this....http://www.barbermall.com/product/double-edge-blades-250-ct/

Dean Carder said...

Great! I took a look and they do have quite an assortment of traditional shaving supplies.