Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Rant, A Project and a Return

I see the White Horse is leading the Dark horse for now. I don't know that it makes a difference which one gets in the Oval Office. I know one will restore dignity to the office, might not piss off our allies, and might actually act like a president but will he be able to fix the economy and job issues? The only way to get real meaningful changes accomplished died with the assassination of the Paul campaign. Thank you very much you lying pieces of shit, MSNBC, FOX News, Bill O'Reilly, CBS, CNN, NBC, Rachel Maddow and all the other media morons that cheated Dr. Paul out of debates, equal airtime and/or accused him of all kinds of ass hattery.

We are still kowtowing to a bunch of rag heads because of a stupid fucking film on YouTube. They are trashing our sovereign territories aka, Embassies, and killing our personnel and we are doing squat about it.We need a financial wizard that knows how to use a big stick in the office of President. Not some milquetoast, moron that has been foisted upon us.

Oh, the Project 94...Here are a few pics of some of the small parts and the magazine tube and barreled action I finally got finished. It's been a long time coming but with 2 part time jobs, lethargy, the short term break up, and a host of other things I have had a hard time getting this done. The receiver is a horror story. It will not take the bluing. It darkened on the first coat and will not get any darker and is streaked and swirled. I have contacted Brownells about the problem and they told me that the post '64 Winchesters used a crappy alloy for the receivers and no, it will not take a blue. When I filed the receiver it seem more like an anodized coating instead of hot blue. So I will have to use Dura Coat in the Glossy Black color. After a couple of hours comparing colors to the parts, the glossy black seemed to give the best match. Here are the results...

The magazine tube
 The barreled action
 A side of crap
 The other side of crap
 Small parts
The picture of the receiver doesn't really show the  true condition of the finish.  A few more internal parts to blue and a spray of the receiver and then I can start the re-assembly of the gun. I really do like this creme form of Brownells Oxpho Blue. Outstanding results that look like blue/black chrome. Very nice.

Speaking of guns, I just saw on FaceBook that Savage is reviving the model 42 over/under shotgun/rifle. Instead of lustrous walnut wood it has matte injection moulded plastic. I see the price of originals skyrocketing now.

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