Sunday, September 9, 2012

We Got Out Among "Em

Last night Cherry and I ventured out into the night life in our burg. We have a nice barbeque joint here known as the Wabash and they have a large beer garden complete with stage. Once a month they have a concert in the "Blues Garden". They call this their summer concert series. They do get some good bands to to play at this venue. Last night, the last of this series, a group called The Selle's Brother Band with Toni Rae were performing. This group used to open frequently for Eddie Money. As a matter of fact, Money drummer cum guitar player is performing with them now. Their music ranged from several Jerry Lee Lewis songs to Haggard's "Okee From Muskogee" which they rocked up a little to Gretchen Wilson's "I'm Here For The Party" to some Hispanic influence party music to a great rendition of Jefferson Airplanes "White Rabbit". Concerning the "White Rabbit" song. The lead singer Toni Rae owned that song last night. She had the tonation and inflection of the original singer and by that time of the evening she had her voice warmed up. Of all the songs they sang and the fun they had on stage, "White Rabbit" and "I'm Here For The Party" seemed to be her best songs. During one number Toni started playing her Bongos and the drummer/guitarist started drumming them then it all segued to a long drum solo by the actual drummer.Here are a few words from a production company and a sample of Selle Brother work. We finally got out of the house and had a good time, I got to do a little drinking and Cherry got to do a lot of visiting and we got to listen and watch a truly talented band who seems to enjoy what they do. Next summer I vow to take in more of these shows which are FREE aside from food and drink.

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