Friday, September 14, 2012

Kansas and Barry, Barry And The Muslims

Every time we look at the secretive background of Mssr. Otero, aka President Obama, aka Barry, we come away mystified. That is if you're a Conservative or Repuglican. If you're Liberal or Dimocrap, you believe he's as pure as the driven snow. In regards to his actual birthplace we keep seeing challenges to his claims of legitimacy. The State of Kansas, yes one of the fly over states, will debate pulling Obama off the ballot due to a filing by a man named Joe Montgomery. Montgomery is communication director for the College of Veterinary Medicine at the Kansas State University. Kansas has some pretty stiff rules about removing a name from a ballot. We'll see if being an illegal alien will satisfy those rules.

Speaking of Obama, how about that foreign policy he's utilising? Delivering a presidential face slap to the Leader of our only ally in the middle east. This makes the second or third time Obama has kept Netanyahu cooling his heels while good ol' Barry wiles away his time on the golf course or in this latest instance appearing on a late night TV show. How crass can you be to refuse to meet with a world leader in order to fuel your need for attention by going on a talk show.

We have our Embassies all over the Muslim world under attack. Now understand this, any embassy, not just ours, is considered sovereign territory of the the nation represented by the embassy. So, attacking one of our embassies is akin to running an explosives laden boat into the side a naval vessel, or to take it a little further, docking a troop ship on the New York docks and taking them over.
While all this is going on Barry is doing what? Who knows? Golfing? Campaigning? Watching yet another concert on the White House lawn? We know he's not going to do anything to offend his Muslim brothers. Well, what ever he's doing is not doing us any good. He apologises for every thing we have ever done and it gets us riots at our embassies. It gets our Ambassadors killed. We have two Embassies overran and we are just now sending in the Marines to try and save our embassy in Libya? You and I know what to do about all this bullshit. Close all of our embassies in the the offending states, cut ALL funding to those states, send in hunter/killer teams to take out the leaders that approved these attacks. Then tell them if they want our dollars, our tools, our equipment, our education they will play nicely or we'll send in the F-117's and send them all the way back to the 13th century where they all think they are anyway. Look at it this way, if a thug assaults you and your home, what are you gonna do? If you're like me you, will try as hard as you can to waste that thug and his buddies too. That's the attitude we need to adopt in response to these attacks.


Robert Fowler said...

It's hard to bomb someone back to the stone-age when they never left.

Dean Carder said...

Your are right at least in their mentality. Put them all back on foot or camel back and see how they fare. Take away the cars, trucks, loud speakers, scientific labs and freezers and let the chips fall. Thanks for the comments Robert!