Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's A Bad Place

Working at the pawn shop is pretty cool. I see a lot of interesting things come through the doors. The bad thing is how desperate these people are. "Can I get just 3 or 4 dollars for this so I can get a little gas" or "I need 100 to buy food for my kids". We hear it all. "Will you give me 50 bucks for my weed eater that doesn't work?" Yes, they ask that. This may end up being bad for me. There are some interesting guns coming in for either direct sale or pawn. Today we took in pawn a very nice pre 1963 (no serial number) Savage model 24 22/410 over and under. Really nice shape too. At the same time we took in pawn a sweet Ithaca Lever action 22 that was also made before serial numbers were required. Last week we bought a benchrest rifle made on a M-12 .22LR action. It has a heavy barrel and a laminated bench rest stock and is topped with, I believe, a 20 power Tasco scope.Today we placed for sale a Henry lever action rifle. It has the slickest action of any lever gun I've ever held. So, you can see I get tempted every day. We have for sale a very cool Kahr compact 9mm as well as the 40 caliber version. Slim, sexy and just right for concealed carry in the summer, i.e. pocket size, these are sweet. I don't know anything about this gun, but it is also cool, a Taurus compact double stack .45. Yes, I am tempted every day.


Stephen said...

When the Savage Model 24 comes out of pawn, grab it.

Dean Carder said...

Yeah, I'm hoping it gets defaulted. It came in with four other nice guns one of the was the old Ithaca lever action.All these guns were in GREAT shape too.