Friday, September 21, 2012

Local? Preppers

A while back I had written about my efforts to meet some local preppers. The ad I placed on Craigslist in the groups heading bore no fruit. Two men contacted me and wanted to know what preppers were even though my ad was explicit. And that was it.
 In my wanderings of the interwebs though, I ran across the Kansas City preppers group though the MeetUp site. The next meeting is in TOPEKA KANSAS. Not exactly the KC area. It's further KC to Topeka than it is from Excelsior Spring to KC. I know with this kind of activity such as prepping you have a small group that is willing to make it public but geeze, I think KC to Topeka is around about sixty five miles. I'll keep and eye on them and see if a meeting comes up in in my AO. If any of you are in the Eastern Kansas region you might want to take this in. The knowledge you gain there may come in handy sooner than you think.

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