Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Project

Recently a woman came into the pawn shop I work at and sold us a Ruger 10-22.  Now this 10-22 looked in good shape until you got to the butt stock where her good ol' daddy had gouged her name into it and tried to inlay some kind of medallion. I mean it, this thing is really ugly. In the end I sold the shop a nice factory stock for the gun and now I have the buggered up stock to work on. I figure to fill the offending areas with a polyester based body putty and then do a Dura Coat finish over the whole thing. I haven't decided which way to go with the stock. A solid muted color or a camo design of one sort or another. We'll see I guess. Another way to keep my hands and mind busy and sharpen my skills. Id post a picture if it wasn't for for the large name on the side of it.

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